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I am accepting new clients by phone and video sessions only. I serve residents of California and Arizona. Your free initial 20-minute consultation awaits your call. Let's get acquainted today.

We will arrive at those places you thought were perhaps only a dream. It can be yours, and your loved ones too, shared.

Your honesty and courage have taken you this far. Now you have come further in the right direction than most ordinary people are able to do. Something isn't right, and you know it. It seems you just can't quite get a grip on it or change it.

Perhaps you awakened this morning worried, sad and anxious as usual. But this time you acknowledge to yourself how badly you feel instead of pushing away the thought and gritting your teeth for another day. Instead of stumbling into the shower achy-hearted, for a moment you allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to feel calm, enthusiastic, loving and loved. Hold on to those warm thoughts for a bit. You deserve them.

You have come this far, don't turn back and slide back into the swamp of negativity. You know, those old thoughts like:

"I'll die of embarrassment if I tell anyone what I feel, think or do."

"I'll never find a therapist that I feel comfortable with, who really sees and hears me."

"I'll just keep relying on my friends to listen, even if they're getting sick of hearing about it."

"I don't know how to find the time in the day for one more thing."

"It'll never change."

Stay on the healthy path. Keep moving. Trust your instincts. Feeling good is not only possible, it's the mark of a responsible and mature person who holds himself and others in loving regard.

When you were growing up, you may not have seen anyone in your family ask for emotional help. You may have watched your parents and siblings suffering while no one took positive action. Or perhaps you saw them consistently pursue unhelpful strategies that brought no lasting improvement.

You can change those old patterns and be the one to move toward healthy living. As a therapist I have seen many times how one person's move toward health has a ripple effect on whole families.

No, your life doesn't have to stay this way. The quality of your life and the nature of your soul is a reflection of your honest effort to achieve emotional health.

I have worked with hundreds of individuals and couples over the past 20 years. I have been their enlightened witness as they unburdened themselves in safety and at their own pace. I listen patiently with my open heart.

Together we unravel complex and overwhelming narratives of pain, confusion, trauma, grief. We have also shared the rebirth of joy and reconnection to true selves. Although many clients are in great distress when we first meet, as the therapeutic process unfolds I see them begin to create more positivity in their lives and relationships. For me, this is the simple joy of my work.

You will discover stunningly simple changes that will have profound effects on the outcomes you desire.

+ Express your honest feelings and communicate more effectively

+ Have intimate relationships that flourish and grow

+ Set goals and accomplish them

+ Face obstacles and challenges that have kept you unhappy

+ Apply the knowledge you already have and use new insights immediately

+ Feel at ease whether alone or with others

+ Laugh and enjoy life to the fullest

+ Connect with your higher Self

Your free initial 20-minute consultation awaits your call. Let's get acquainted today.
949 244 3674

"We can work it out."
-- Lennon-McCartney

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